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Our Applicators are 1A Certified

Farm Products

Ensure continued growth of your agricultural business with Murrfield Farms Supply. We carry a wide range of fertilizer options and other farm products at highly competitive prices.


The right fertilizer/herbicide application can save you money and promote plant health. Our team offers precision agriculture and custom application of fertilizers and herbicides.

Our Story

Everything you need for your farm is here at Murrfield Farms Supply LC in McLouth, Kansas. From agricultural products to fertilizer application, we offer complete farming solutions to help you grow your agricultural business. Murrfield Farms Supply LC is a family owned fertilizer and agriculture chemical company.  With more than 50 years of experience, we can provide growers with the technology and services needed to be productive. Our goal is to be a good neighbor, an honest business partner, and a positive influence in the agricultural community.


Contact us today to inquire about our quality agricultural products and fertilizer application service.