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Fertilizer & Other Farm Supplies


Nourish your farm with the right fertilizer from Murrfield Farms Supply LC.  Crops need readily available nutrients for successful production.  N-P-K, Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (K) can be blended to suit your individual needs.  We have dry and liquid fertilizer, agricultural herbicides, and other farm products available.

Dry- Farm Products

Nitrogen is an essential element of plant growth and development and will produce a dark green healthy plant.  Nitrogen is the most commonly deficient nutrient in Kansas soils.  We carry both Ammonium Nitrate (34-0-0) and Urea (46-0-0).

Agricultural - Liquid Fertilizer

Phosphorus stimulates early plant growth and hastens maturity.  Phosphorus is the second most commonly deficient nutrient in Kansas soils.  It is considered the "batteries" of a plant which stores and transfers energy.  We carry Diammonium Phosphate (18-46-0).  With each 46 units of Phosphorus, you will receive 18 units of N.

Potassium (K) stimulates early growth and increases protein production, plus improves water efficiency.  Potash, (0-0-60) as it is commonly known, increases drought resistance in plans and helps reduce plant water loss. 

Liquid- Farm Products

Liquid fertilizer can be blended to your specs as well.  N in the form of 28-0-0 or 32-0-0 can be mixed with Phosphorus (10-34-0) and Potassium (4-10-10), as well has some herbicides.

Other Farm Products

Sulfur and Zinc are often considered secondary nutrients, but can be important to crop production.  Sulfur deficiency can sometimes be mistaken for nitrogen deficiency (which is not surprising since it helps with nitrogen efficiency).  Sulfur can be added with your dry fertilizer blend and also with liquid fertilizer using Ammonium Thiosulfate (12-0-0-26).  Zinc is absorbed through the root of the plant and helps with growth regulation and can be added to your dry fertilizer blend.

Ag lime and Pellitized lime - when crops do not do well, we need to consider the PH of the soil.  The soil PH tells us more about the soils ability to produce crops than any other measurement.  Ag Lime has a five year average cycle, peaking in year three.  Pellitized Lime is effective with the current crop year and can be mixed with your dry fertilizer blend.  The life of pellitized lime is similar to N-P-K, and is determined by what your crop uses during the growing season.


We carry a wide variety of seed including Brome, K31, Red Clover, Turnips & Radishes (which are an excellent cover crop and winter forage), seed wheat, plus corn and soybean seed from DeKalb/Asgrow, NK and Taylor Seed Farms.

 Ask us about our line of net wrap, twine, hay rakes, loaders......