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Sustainable Precision Agriculture

Optimize your farm production and management with the help of Murrfield Farms Supply LC in McLouth, Kansas. We offer precision agriculture and custom application of fertilizers and herbicides.  Plant health and crop protection is our number one priority ... on our own farm as well as yours. 

Variable Rate Application

Maintain and build the fertility of your soil by replacing nutrients used from the previous season.  With grid sampling and variable rate application we can determine your soil's nutrient levels and recommend the appropriate fertilizer prescription. Nutrients in the soil are similar to vitamins in your body, you need to replace what is deficient for the next crop to be healthy and productive.  With variable rate application, we can replace those nutrients, at the right rate and at the right location which improves efficiency and productivity.

Farming - Precision Agriculture

Grid Sampling

Variable Rate Application starts with Grid Sampling.  We will take a soil sample in each two and half acre section of your field.  This soil analysis will allow us to look at each point individually, allowing us to fertilize it individually. With variable rate, we can address each area of your field independently.


Customer Applied

We have several fertilizer buggies available for customer use.  If you would like to apply your own fertilizer, give us a call.

Contact us today, for precision agriculture and custom application of fertilizers and herbicides.